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Keren Shalev

A womanʼs journey, moving through primeval landscapes, against the stream of progressing time, through forgotten civilisations, beyond time itself, through utopian terrain.

There are places that seize to exist or never existed but they exist either in memory or vision. Possibly both at the same time. Old new land.

Keren Shalev was born and raised in a small Kibbutz in Israel at the beginning of the seventies.

Material simplicity and kinship to nature coined her being. Until this day these are the bedrocks upon which her creation is formed wheather in Israel or Berlin, that has been her home for the past decade.

Two questions arise and draw the spaces in which she walks and lives: “who am I” together with the question “where”. Where am I? accompanied with the ever present, hovering quest of belonging.


In that sense her works are topographies of an interior landscape that resonates with the surrounding and the cosmos as well as surveying her spatial living environments.
Fluid-amorphous and at the same time symbolic shaped the works invite you to travel through (yet) unknown fields.

‒ Mika Kammerer - 

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