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The Project

Blick is a collaborative project between the Israeli artists Adi Oz Ari and Michelle Medenblik, and the German artist Cornelia Renz.

Blick exhibits artwork in private apartments in Tel-Aviv and Berlin every other month during weekends. The project aims to be a platform for exhibiting works of art that express a relationship between Israeli and German artists, whether they are Israeli artists living in Berlin, German artists living in Israel, artists who feed off both cities and need to operate in both places, or Israeli and German artists dealing with the interaction between the two cities.

The three artists who thrive on both cities seek to expand collaborations and highlight collaborations that already exist in these art fields. 

The Inspiration

Blick is inspired by Sonntag (meaning Sunday), in which April Gertler and Adrian Schiesser, two Berlin based artists, collaborated in hosting other artists on the third weekend of every month. The event was open for public and participating in this type of event was considered as important as an official gallery exhibition.

Blick destines to create a local version of this type of events by importing the idea of repositioning art in the private sphere. This way of art display connects art and its designated place, while allowing an unmediated correspondence between artwork and its viewer, as well as between host and guests, enabling a dialogue between both cultures.

The Hosts

We welcome all those who are interested in hosting this kind of intercultural event, regardless of their apartment's location, their social or economic status, or the state of their dwelling place. The host's place will be open to public, becoming a temporary exhibition location while integrating with daily life. Anyone who is interested in art and interaction for a limited time period will be welcomed. We try to encourage hosts who thus far have not been engaged in the art world to participate as well as art lovers. Anyone who is interested in art and an interaction with art for a limited time period will be welcomed.

The History

The Berlin project was inspired by a 1966 performance action carried by the artist Konrad Lueg (Fischer). The artist invited friends and relations to have coffee and cake with him at a Düsseldorf art gallery, thus restoring a primary relation between art and a dwelling space. This way of exhibiting art was acceptable since the Renaissance and its pre-ordered works of art, going through the Art Salons of the late 19th century, until that moment when the artist reawakened this connection, allowing the integration between art and everyday life once again.

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