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Cornelia Renz

Cornelia Renz develops her work as an artistic reflection on political, social and cultural phenomena, or as she describes it: "(...) art (for her above all the image) is a performative process of cognition". For it is in images that these phenomena reveal themselves, whether they are consciously willed or flow in unconsciously. Renz examines existing visual material from a wide variety of media and uses it as a template for her collage-like, multi-layered works. In the process, biographical material serves her as impulse and subject matter. Being a grantee of the Art Cube Artists' Studios Program in Jerusalem, she has had the chance to build up bonds with the Israeli Art scene. Her latest works look into the topic of home/homelessness that is linked to the interwoven history of Israel and Germany – a topic she strives to develop further. Thus for her the Blick project  feels like a natural continuation of her latest works.


Michelle Medenblik

Michelle Medenblik engages in the medium of photography as a creative means of revelation, exploration and interpretation. She believes the photographic image yields and reveals rich worlds of content and her projects alternate between varied interests and methods.

Her works carry a common interest in weaving contemporary reality with traces of history, whether it be through photographing, being photographed, curating, or manipulating images. She finds added value in projects which carry a historical context as the starting point is already saturated with connotations and the outcome can meaningfully incorporates past and present.

Medenblik’s personal and artistic life leads her time and again to examine segments in German history. Her project on the remains of the Stasi has been exhibited both in galleries and art venues, leading to a number of collaborations with Berlin based artists.

Through her regular frequent visits to Berlin and its art scene, presenting German artists in Israel has long been one of her goals, making Blick a perfect extension of her works and collaborations thus far.

Adi Oz Ari3_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Adi Oz-Ari

Adi Oz-Ari Lives and works in Tel Aviv.. A graduate of Interior Design program (B.Des (interior), the College of Management, Givatayim, Israel (2003); and the art department, Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl Academic College (2012). Holds an MFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, (2015).

A multidisciplinary artist who engages mainly with manipulated photography, photographic installations, and the effects of medium transitions on the image, her photographs are produced using scans, digital processing, photographic readymades, X-rays, cyanotype, etc. Photography in Oz-Ari's work is a material in itself, treated as an independent object in the world rather than a vehicle with which to document reality.

Her practice involves work with different photographic techniques and materials, examining the artist's impact on these substances. In addition to material research, she explores manifestations of one's mental and physical relation to such notions as pain, desistence, and loss. The images in her work are never direct; they go through a set of adaptations, transformations, and manipulations to articulate the contents addressed in each body of work in the profoundest manner.

Oz-Ari's work has been featured in various group and solo exhibitions in Israel and abroad, and splits her time between Tel-Aviv and Berlin.

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