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Uta Zaumseil

Uta Zaumseil3.jpg

The technical focus of my artistic work is the further development and exhaustion of all possibilities of relief printing. In conventional color relief printing, a plate is cut for each color. The plates are printed one after the other on top of each other and join together to form the image.


My way of working is that of the 'lost cut': I work with only one plate and from light to dark.

I start with cutting and printing the lightest color, cutting more and more away from the subject/plate, printing, cutting and so on until the darkest color is printed and the motif is ready. A reprint of the motif is not possible, because the plate was destroyed by the manufacturing process.


My motifs consist of up to 50 colors. The cutting and printing process takes place up to 50 times. My prints are usually created as a hand print in an edition of 3 or often as a unique print. This is all very time-consuming and it takes up to 3 months till the image is finished.


To keep myself happy in the process, for the last 3 years I have started making in the run of the process small collages and photo overprints. For these works I use the very state of the plate I'm currently working on. I call these "finger exercises".

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